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A super-connecter, Adam Boettiger is a recognized expert in the field of digital marketing. With 17+ years of online marketing experience spanning agency-side and client-side positions, Boettiger has helped small businesses and large brands realize their full potential online.

"As a Digital Marketing Consultant, Adam was instrumental in helping me formulate the strategy and direction of the newly-created CRM area of Virgin Atlantic. In kindly and generously sharing his expertise, we formulated a plan that was the foundation for activities that are still in place today. Throughout the process, he was extremely responsive, helpful and contributed significantly."

- Joy DeBach, Manager, Customer Relationship Marketing, Virgin Atlantic Airways


Adam Boettiger is a 17-year veteran of digital marketing, advertising, sales and business development with a proven track record of successfully helping small, medium and large enterprises. A US Army Military Veteran, Boettiger has had prior careers in Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services.

From 1994 to 1995, Boettiger served as a strategic advisor, instructing businesses how to reach customers through America Online and CompuServe. In 1996, the first commercial advertising campaign appeared online for AT&T and Zima. It was during this same year that Boettiger created the I-Advertising Discussion List, a 12,000-member professional forum where individuals from around the globe exchanged information and shared resources in the nascent industry of interactive advertising.

Considered one of the Top 100 most influential people in the digital marketing sector, Boettiger has worked for several interactive and traditional advertising agencies, as well as a direct mail and database-marketing firm. He is a highly sought-after, experienced business consultant who has helped companies as large as Microsoft and Virgin Atlantic Airways and as small as Cape Cod Bed & Breakfasts in a variety of capacities related to business development, marketing, customer relationship management, advertising and sales...More


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